Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Script - Collage Covers

The Script's self-title debut album released in 2008 features great use of collage elements. I've not seen too many album in this style and this one does so quite well. Popularized in the 20th century, a collage is a mix of elements that appear to have no outward connection but are juxtaposed in such a way that makes them work as a cohesive unit or piece of art. 

This series features the main cover art (light blue backdrop) as well as two singles.  All three are set upon a graph paper field with protruding rooftops and buildings. The backgrounds are uncluttered, a simple gradient. (The green one seems a little muddy compared to the other two however.) Directly in the middle of the scene, there is an element which stands above the rest, breaking through the urbanized setting. The band name is suspended in the air by two cables and hangs slightly tilted, all of which contributes to the collage feel. The coloured stripe pattern can also be found in all three covers.

Simply put, the unique nature of these covers is truly indicative of the band's genre.  

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