Thursday, April 05, 2012


After sitting through some friends' discussion about how they hate Nickelback and can't stand them, I thought, hmmm, since nobody likes Nickelback, I should take a look at their covers to see if I can find anything interesting. 

While refraining to listen to Nickelback's music while I researched Nickelback's covers, I did find some interesting themes. In the first two covers below, there is a very obvious lighting element in the covers. The rest of the covers do have some interesting lighting elements. 

I did notice two things. The first one was that no matter the album, Nickelback's name is always very prominent on the cover. Whether it's black on a light background, or white on a dark background, the band's name is always prominent. 

The second thing, was look at the themes for the covers. They're all very dark images. The imagery almost looks monochromatic. Blacks, dark blues, and greys. Definitely a big difference from album covers such as Katy Perry's or David Guetta's. No colours here!


  1. Monochromatic colours and angst-ridden standing poses; just look how deep they are. :P
    ...An obvious attempt to make a band with two good songs look deep. It works though, I guess. Actually, I don't mind some of their stuff... Though it does seem like they've been playing the same song for years with and just calling it something new.

  2. Yeah I'm not keen on their music either, it sounds SO repetitive after a while...I totally agree with you on that one...